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The Prize Papers Online 1: American Revolutionary War and Fourth Anglo-Dutch War

Prize Papers Online 1 contains approximately 7,000 interrogations of members of the crew of ships taken during the American Revolutionary War and Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (ca. 1775-1784). It shows images of each interrogation (of two, three, sometimes even six or more pages). Answers to the fourteen most researched questions are transcribed and stored in a searchable database.

Latin American Anarchist and Labour Periodicals Online

This collection contains the periodicals that have been accumulated by the Austrian anarchist, historian and collector Max Nettlau (1865-1944), together with a number of later additions, held at the International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam. It contains numerous rare, and in many cases unique, titles. The collection of the IISH provides a richness of documentation pertaining explicitly to the formative anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist episode (1890-1920) in the history of Latin American labor movements. Included are the Argentine periodicals La Protesta, La Vanguardia and Acción Obrera; the Brazilian O Exempio. Jornal do Povo and Battaglia; the Chilean Voz del Mar; and the Mexican Ariete, Redención Obrera, Revolución Social and El Sindicalista.

BrillOnline Primary Sources

BrillOnline Primary Sources offers scholars access to Brill?s primary source collections in an attractive and easy to use online environment. We have taken much care to ensure that functionality and usability live up to the expectations of today's users.

The material offered in our collections is really special, rare to come by, unique, and in quite a number of cases absolutely essential for researchers.

Brill currently offers over 70 digitized primary source collections in 9 subject areas. More than six million pages have been scanned and can be accessed.

Brill's primary-source collections are carefully selected by academic advisory boards. Our partners include The British Library, the Bodleian Library, Cambridge University Libraries, the Bibliotèque nationale de France, the Herzog August Bibliothek, the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, the Russian State Historical Archive, the New York Public Library, and Human Rights Internet.

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