Cuban Periodicals: Cultural Magazines Published by Casa de las Américas, 1960–2009

Cuban Periodicals: Cultural Magazines Published by Casa de las Américas, 1960–2009
This primary source collection gives access to the archives (1960–2009) of four cultural magazines published by Casa de las Américas in Havana, Cuba. It includes the highly influential journal Casa, the theater journal Conjunto, the music journal Boletín de Música, and, finally, Anales del Caribe, a journal about the rich artistic and literary production in the Caribbean.

Project advisor: Luisa Campuzano Sentí, Director, Women's Studies Program, Casa de las Américas
Project coordinator: Johan Vogel, CEO, Scan2Preserve

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Founded only three months after the Cuban Revolution, Casa de las Américas in Havana quickly emerged as one of the leading cultural institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Among its many activities is the publication of four highly influential journals, the first of which was launched in 1960, a year after the opening of the institution. Over the decades, these journals have covered countless topics pertaining to the culture and cultural history of the region. The journals have published texts by literary authors, musical scores, reviews of books, performances, and exhibitions, op-eds, and news reports. Laboratories of thought and innovation, they offer a window into a vibrant era. For the first time, the complete back files of these journals are now made available online.

Casa de las Américas
Official organ of the eponymous institution, the first issue of Casa de las Américas was published in June–July 1960. It soon became the main voice on current Latin American literature, culture and thought. One of the best known cultural magazines in Spanish, it is equally valued by the intellectual avant-garde and by academics. It provides a forum not only for the most notable writers and thinkers, but also for politicians and policy makers in both Latin America and beyond. On its pages the most intricate issues have been debated, either in dialogue with or in opposition to other publications.

Conjunto is dedicated to the study and dissemination of Latin American and Caribbean theater. It was founded in 1964, when the development of the region’s theater scene and its continental and even global influence required investigation into its trends and accomplishments, and articles in Conjunto began to analyze the critique of history and society emanating from the stage. Each issue includes one or more theater texts, as well as essays, interviews, and reviews of performances and festivals. Its value is recognized by artists and academics alike.

Boletín de Música
Founded in 1970, Boletín de Música specializes in Latin American and Caribbean music and musicology. In addition to research papers on music in its most diverse manifestations it publishes musical scores, news, and announcements about the musical scene of the area. Between 1991 and 1998, during Cuba’s Special Period, Boletín de Música temporarily ceased publication.

Anales del Caribe
Anales del Caribe was first published in 1981 with the aim of putting a spotlight on the rich artistic and literary production in the continental Caribbean and the islands that populate the Caribbean Sea. A recurring theme is the exchange of ideas between the various countries and their influence on Latin American culture at large. The journal publishes articles by specialists from the region and beyond in Spanish, French and English. Anales del Caribe did not publish any issues in the years 2000–2002.

Luisa Campuzano Sentí
Director, Women's Studies Program
Casa de las Américas

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