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Table of contents

Page: 41

The Imperial Court

Page: 54

I Geography

Page: 76

II Population

Page: 98

III Outline of History

Page: 139

IV Government

Page: 157

V Parties and Politics

Page: 206

VI Foreign Relations

Page: 247

VII National Defence

Page: 269

VIII Public Finance

Page: 322

IX Banking and the Money Market

Page: 356

X Commerce and Industry

Page: 389

XI Foreign Trade

Page: 431

XII Insurance

Page: 448

XIII Agriculture

Page: 462

XIV Sericulture and Raw Silk

Page: 471

XV Fisheries

Page: 484

XVI Forestry

Page: 494

XVII Mining

Page: 511

XVIII The Textile Industry

Page: 526

XIX Machinery and Engineering

Page: 540

XX Utilities

Page: 549

XXI Foodstuffs (manufactured)

Page: 558

XXII Chemical Industry

Page: 576

XXIII Miscellaneous Industries

Page: 590

XXIV Communications

Page: 604

XXV Land and Air Transportation

Page: 627

XXVI Sea Transportation

Page: 641

XXVII Justice and Police

Page: 672

XXVIII Education

Page: 694

XXIX Religion

Page: 708

XXX Social Problems and Social Works

Page: 734

XXXI Labour and Labour Movements

Page: 765

XXXII Medicine and Sanitation

Page: 786

XXXIII Progress of Science

Page: 806

XXXIV Press and Publications

Page: 822

XXXV Literature, Arts and Music

Page: 870

XXXVI Sports

Page: 896

XXXVII Amusements and Calendar of Annual Events

Page: 916


Page: 926

XXXIX Five Big Cities

Page: 944

XL Chosen (Korea)

Page: 971

XLI Taiwan (Formosa)

Page: 992

XLII Karafuto (Saghalien)

Page: 1002

XLIII South Sea Islands under Japan's Mandate

Page: 1019


Page: 1089


Page: 1151