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The Seoul Press (publ. 1907-1937) was Japan’s Korean news flagship, its mission to validate the natural justice of Japanese imperialism in Korea, and Japan as the redeeming, organising and modernising force in East Asia. the Seoul Press represented the Japanese administration of Korea to the world. Missing from this collection are the years 1910 – 1927. As missing issues arise, they will be added to this invaluable Primary Source at no extra cost to subscribers.

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The Seoul Press, 1907-1910, 1927-1937

Founded in Seoul in 1890 and published by the Office of the Resident-General (tōkan) 1906-10, then, post-annexation, by the Office of the Government General (Sōtoku) of Korea, the Seoul Press is the English-language newspaper of record for the Japanese protectorate then colony in Korea, 1906-1945. From its acquisition in December 1906 by the Japanese Resident-General until its closure in 1937, the Seoul Press presented the case for Japan as the natural leader of East Asia. Run by a changing cast, most notably the historian of empire, Tokutomi Sōhō and the Anglo-Irish fixer John Russell Kennedy, the Seoul Press was edited by Japan's ablest English-language publicists: Zumoto Motosada (1906-9), Honda Masujiroh (1909-10), Yamagata Isoh (1917-25) and Frank Y. Kim (1926-37).

This Primary Source is extremely rare, covering the period 1907-1937, yet with a 1910-1927 gap. As new issues emerge they will be added to this invaluable Primary Source at no extra cost to subscribers.


  • Published daily except Mondays and national holidays.
  • Full publication period: Dec. 5, 1906 - May 30, 1937.
  • Scanned in greyscale 300 ppi from microfilm of varying quality. We shall continue to search for higher quality originals to replace the current offering.

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