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MARC Files

The MARC21 records for the primary sources collections can be found below.

Archives of the Presbyterian Church of Cuba Online (OC)
Anti-Calvin Online
Archive of the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cuba Online
Archives of the Presbyterian Church in Cuba Online
Art Sales Catalogues Online
Avant-Garde and Architecture in Czechoslovakia 1909-1938
Book Sales Catalogues Online
Children’s Leisure Activities in Russia Online
Chinese Film and Newsreel Scripts from the Cultural Revolution Online
Classic Brazilian Cinema Online
Classic Mexican Cinema Online
Climate Change and Law Collection
Codices Hugeniani Online
Codices Vossiani Graeci et Miscellanei Online
Codices Vossiani Online
Cold War Intelligence
Colonial Period Korea Online
Compilation of Chinese Medicine Periodicals Online, 1897-1952
Conrad Gessner’s Private Library Online
Contemporary Japan Online
Critical Editions of the New Testament Online
Cuban Culture and Cultural Relations, 1959-
Cuban Culture and Cultural Relations, 1959- : The Vertical Archive of the Casa de las Américas, Part 1: “Casa y Cultura”
Cult of Body Online
Dutch Pamphlets Online
Dutch-American Diplomatic Relations Online
Dutch-Catholic Immigration to the Americas Online
Dutch-Protestant Immigration to the Americas Online
Early Russian Cinema Online
Early Western Korans Online
Ephraim Deinard (1846-1930) Online
French Revolutionary Opinions Online
Girolamo Savonarola Online
Grotius Collection Online: Printed Works
Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic Printing in Baghdad Online
Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, and Marathi Jewish Printing in India Online
Heinrich Bullinger’s Original Publications Online
Historical Garden Design Online
History of Modern Russian and Ukrainian Art Online
Hongkong News Online
Human Rights Documents Online
Imperial Russia’s Illustrated Press Online
Israel’s Messenger Online
Japan Chronicle Online
Japan News-Week Online
Japan Times Weekly and Nippon Times Weekly Online
Japan Year Books Online
Jewish Theater under Stalinism Online
Latin American Anarchist and Labour Periodicals Online
Lithographed Editions of Firdawsī's Shāhnāmah Online
Manchuria Daily News Online
Mass Media in Russia Online (Parts 1 and 2)
Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 1: Pioneer Orientalists
Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 2: The Ottoman Legacy of Levinus Warner
Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 3: Arabic Manuscripts from the Hungarian Academy
Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 4: The Shangoda Collections from Dagestan
Military Architecture 1600-1900
Missionary Archives from Lesotho, 1832 - 2006
Mobilizing East Asia Online
Moscow News Archives
Moses Maimonides, Unparalleled Editions Online
Muslims in Russia Online
North China Daily News Online
Philipp Melanchthon Online
Popular Literature, Fiction and Songs in Imperial Russia Online
Pre-1600 Rare Books Collection: Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Philosophy & Theology, and Literature
Prize Papers Online 1
Prize Papers Online 2
Prize Papers Online 3
Reformation in Heidelberg Online
Reformed Protestantism: East Friesland and North West Germany Online
Richard Wagner Online
Russian Anarchist Periodicals of the Early 20th Century Online
Russian Avant-garde Online
Russian Military Intelligence on Asia Online
Russian Military Intelligence on Asia Online
Russian Theater in the Early 20th Century Online
Russian-Ottoman Relations Online, Part 1
Russian-Ottoman Relations Online, Part 2
Russian-Ottoman Relations Online, Part 3
Russian-Ottoman Relations Online, Part 4
Screen and Stage Online
Sephardic Editions, 1550-1820: Installments 1-3 Online
Sixteenth Century Pamphlets Online / Flugschriften Online
Slavonic Bibles Online
Soviet Cinema Online, part 1 Journals & part 2 Newspapers
Soviet Cinema Online. Archival Documents from RGALI, 1923-1935
The Archives of the Church in North India: Archival Collection
The Archives of the Church in North India: Monograph Collection
The Archives of the Church of Uganda Online
The Chinese Students’ Monthly Online
The Daily Worker Online
The Fulbright Archives Online, 1949-2016 (excerpts)
The Guatemala Collection
The Huguenots Online
The Hungarian Reformation Online
The Italian Reformation Online
The North China Herald Online
The Times Supplements
The Week
Transatlantic Relations Online : Digital Archives of the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies
Translations of the Peking Gazette Online
U.S. Intelligence on Asia, 1945-1991
U.S. Intelligence on Europe, 1945-1995
U.S. Intelligence on the Middle East, 1945-2009
Warfare in North America, c. 1756-1815
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Western Books on China up to 1850 Online
Western Travellers in the Islamic World Online
World Council of Churches Online: World War II Era Records
World of Children – Artek Pioneer Camp Archives, 1944-1967 Online
Yearbook of the Imperial Theaters Online, The